Light Gauge Steel Truss System

Light gauge steel truss system provides cost effective roofing solutions for your projects. Our certified fabricator network, who use state of the-art design software, provides high quality roofing truss systems to satisfy the ever-increasing complex roofing market.

The light gauge steel truss system is a roof system using patented profiles rolled from steel sheets in either 0.8mm, 1.0mm, or 2.0mm thickness. Light gauge steel truss system complies with grade ISQ300 (1.0mm to 2.0mm) and grade ISQ 550 (0.5mm to 0.8mm material). The design is done similar to prefabricated timber roof trusses, using computer aided software. Regarding corrosion resistance, the system makes use of cold rolled steel, which is galvanized in a coating of Aluminium & Zinc.

1. Reduces costs
2. High Strength, fire resistant, light weight
3. Longer life due to pre-galvanized sections
4. Fungus, borer and termite resistant
5. Short construction time
6. Higher accuracy
7. Environmentally friendly / Recyclable
8. Light gauge steel frames
9. Can be supplied in ‘kit form’ for remote projects

1. Residential, Commercial and industrial buildings
2. Warehouses / Godowns
3. Churches
4. Schools
5. Health centers / Hospitals
6. Affordable houses
7. Kiosks
8. Sports Facilities / Stadiums
9. Petro Stations
10. Exhibition Centers
11. Cargo handling and Storage complexes
12. Shopping centers / Malls
13. 13.Temporary Site Offices

1. Islamic Community Centre – African Arabic Development Organisation Mkuranga
2. TBA Brigade Chato Project
3. TBA Brigade Dodoma NEC offices
4. Songea RC Church
5. Musoma RC Church
6. Tanga RC Church
7. Farasha Hotel Dodoma
8. Ubungo Anglican Church
9. Mpanda Anglican Church
10. KKKT Mbezi Luis
11. Building S.O.S Village Mwanza
12. Kahama Anglican Church
13. Mbezi Function Hall – Mbezi Luisi
14. GGM Canteen Building – Geita
15. Warehouse Mbagala
16. Falcon Animal Feeds factory
17. Kioo Ltd Administration block
18. African Arabic Development