ZincAL is manufactured using a patented Aluminum Zinc coating alloy recognized as being the most technologically advanced metallic coating in use worldwide.When used in the correct application, you can be sure of the following attributes:
• Considerable increase in service life
• Superior thermal protection
• Distinctive aesthetic value

The coating alloy consists of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc & 1.5% Silicon. The aluminum component of the coating provides a tough physical barrier to protect the steel core against extreme atmospheric conditions and moisture. The zinc component has a galvanic action and builds up on cut edges to further increase corrosion protection.

Their combined action in a metallic alloy coating increases the service life of the steel core by up to 4 times that of traditional Galvanized steel with the same coating mass in the same physical environment.

The extended serviceability of ZincAL makes it a cost effective and environmentally responsible choice of material.

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