Saflok 700

Saflok 700

SAFLOK-700 is a concealed-fix (or secret fix) system, and is designed for very low pitched roofs. Because sheets lock down onto clips under the profiled seam, the sheet is not punctured with fasteners and remains completely watertight even at very low slope. The securing clips are pre-fixed into the purlins and the sheet is mechanically snapped onto the clips. The sheet can expand or contract over the concealed clips as the temperature changes, making this system is ideal for long spans on industrial and commercial buildings. 

Saflok 700 is a concealed fix profile from ALAF especially for commercial use. Saflok 700 can be rolled into required lengths using a mobile mill at the project location.

Profle Drawing & SL700 CLIP

The fully interlocking SAFLOK 700 clip incorporates two anchors to clasp the two inner ribs and a dual action c component to positively hold down the male-female joint.
1. Stiffener ribs on 0,8mm baseplate add formidable strength, specifically over the goose-neck.
2. Full width engagement on the goose-neck male joint.
3. 5 fastening points for stability, particularly over blanket insulation.
4. Engineer-designed geometry of anchor unit for optimal Performance under high wind loads and foot traffic.
5. Entire clip is manufactured from Aluminium – Zinc coated steel for compatibility with sheeting

Clipping Features

The SAFLOK 700 clip incorporates a dual action component to positively hold down the male-female joint on every third rib, and an anchor to clasp the two inner ribs. Every rib is therefore secured, making it fully interlocking. It is essential that the male rib is directly engaged to the underside of the clip. 

* An Aluminium clip is a necessity when using Aluminium Material. 
* When using Aluminium material on galvanized steel purlins it is recommended to make use of an isolation tape to prevent the bridging of the two dissimilar materials. The recommended tape is a “Denso LDP 300” or similar. Should the two metals have direct contact it will ultimately result in the manifestation of galvanic corrosion. The service life of the Aluminium will be compromised.

Available Colors