Simba Dumu

Simba Dumu

SIMBA DUMU is an affordable yet top quality corrugated steel roofing sheet made from high tensile steel that is coated with an alloy of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. This product, called ZincAL, has the strength of steel, the barrier protection of Aluminium and the sacrificial protection of Zinc, all complementing each other. The resulting product has an exceptionally long life, up to four times longer than that of ordinary galvanized (zinc coated) steel sheeting. 

It also offers better heat and radiation reflectivity of the sun, resulting in to cooler interiors

Profile Drawing

Tiling Procedure

Recommended minimum timber cross-sectional size are :
Purlins – 75 X 50mm, Trusses – 100 X 50mm.

Maximum Purlin Spacing
0.25mm thickness material :- 600mm.
0.30mm thickness and above :- 800mm to 1mtr.

Note :-It is recommended to use single lengths to cover each run of roof from crest to eave and avoid end lapping for better aesthetics and economy.

Product Features

Extra Corrosion Resistance:

  • Due to Zinc-Aluminium Coating
  • Lasts upto 4 Times longer than ordinary galvanized sheets.

High Heat Reflectivity:

  • Its thermal reflectivity is approx. twice of Galvanised Roofs and 3 times when compard to traditional tile materials.
  • Provides up to 4 Degree Celsius cooler interiors.

Superior Aesthetic, Silvery Finish: 
Simba Dumu features a small, uniform spangle that guarantees a unique silvery matt sheen unlike the hard glare from ordinary galvanized sheets which have a large, irregular spangle. 

Cost Effective Solution: 
Due to approximately 4 times longer life, its life-cycle costing is 4 times better and economical than the ordinary Galvanized material.

Crest Fixing

70mm self-drilling timber screws or twisted shank roofing nails are to be fixed through the crest of the profile ribs using an electric screw guns (drill) or by hammering through pre-drilled holes. 65mm self-drilling screws to be used on steel purlins. Either fastener must be used in conjunction with appropriate uPVC washers.

Note:– Simba Dumu are fixed by drilling fasteners through its crest, its recommended to use minimum 3 fasteners across each width of the profile (both ends at the overlap and center).