LIFESTILE is a classic roofing tile range in a variety of profiles to suit all architectural styles, providing the perfect combination of style and colour to meet your taste. A stone coating is adhered to an Aluminium-Zinc base metal tile, giving it the resilience to withstand the most adverse climatic conditions.

Features & Benefits
  • 1/6 the weight of traditional clay and concrete tiles hence it is lighter.
  • ZincAL Base: lasts longer than other galvanised options
  • The best stone coating with the finest stone grain size hence less retention of dust
    and moisture which breed mold and fungi.
  • Water can be safely harvested off a Lifestile roof
The Profile

Lifestile will be available in a trusted and familiar tile profile which is covered in a rich
base coat into which selected fine grain coloured stone granules are embedded. The
cured panels are then finished off with 100% pure acrylic glazing to give the product
luster, UV protection and superior weather-resistance, even in severe conditions.